The Great Tower at Kura [short story] and An Old, Old Man [A Poem]

One of two parts

The Great Tower at Kura

The Great Tower at Kura

[4th millennium BCE]

At the beginning of the 4th millennium BC (350 years before the Great Flood, which ended all civilization on earth) Slug (an area of land, territory) gave rise to a kingdom (a). civilization city-state type); - Wherein, the human race was subject to an international court, consisting of a trinity of cultures, empires, societies and nations from all the connecting continents of the world, which had come together at this particular time. They—that is, all the lands of the earth—were composed, a work for the whole world, sustained by a region of the Atlantic, a nearby strait leading to the Mediterranean, known as the Pillars of Hercules; There was then no overland link between the Atlantic and the Mediterranean.

There were also no external moral laws against any behaviour in this age of civilization around the world. Yes, people were different and humility was not a virtue; The laws that wronged one in the heart are like bones to dry in a dead, dead body. What could be considered an immoral act was all relative.

Economies were often – which was the norm – based on slavery for their labour and other desired services. There was no discrimination, slave owners, all were equal in the minds of the masters - bitter-sweet can you say - slaves: brown, white, black, yellow, red skinned, all over the world, the government supported no one, and treated everyone as barbarians, as if to say Human life is a supreme commodity that goes; According to the total and complete inclusion of the earth, all the combined civilizations were part of the circle.

As one was brought up to think these days: Death is the recycling of something that can be found in almost every corner of the world; Consequently, free labour in a city-state was a right granted by that great democracy whose world command centre was in the Atlantic, a mysterious race, a strong and simple people, a subgroup of a higher order that no one dared. competition; tended toward democracy, and within the world that was not subject to the Atlantic Power Area [APR]. The Slugs probably had more slaves than any other civilization on Earth at this time; That is, this time I am writing about the time when this story actually happened according to my vision. Who am I [if you ask], I am Dream, my name is Shark, and I have left these secrets in a mound on an island for another time, so that people can find my writings, if you have found this article, and this The story, as far as you have discovered or anyone has what is called 'sacred geometry', and so be it; For I have discovered the secret hidden in all the countries of the world, and this is it.

- Religious dissidents were killed, executed alive in front of civilians; I said that this country had a democracy - it didn't - but its boarders were open to obscenity and the Atlantic race kept secrets of necromantic-culture, and that's what the people wanted; Burial alive before those who wanted to see, and let it be a proof to those who wanted to despise democracy – in which the inhuman barbarity of the age, or better, the human barbarism, was normal. Indeed, in today's age only man has come forward to possess moral rights and responsibilities, which lie beyond all the tyranny of today's world, just as in those far-off days, evil-hidden-black magic -- that was the rule, the norm.

I want to say again, and one must remember, this was the model, was it normal for people to act this way, or was it? Hundreds of men were cast into great graves [graves] on the ground: perhaps four hundred men were cast, or could be cast, like sick cattle into these grave pits (I saw with my own eyes). The liar was crucified upside down, he was treated as a man who was inside, and had no skeleton, thus, he was quickly deboned like a fish, and killed by hyenas. Outside the cities were left to rot.

When a sentiment, attitude, or opinion emerges and is seen as something against the laws and ideals of the Atlantic ruled territory, then and only then is it expressed by an abolitionist. This group was the Eagle Wings (yes this group was the Hidden Red Guards, the SS of our day were the Nazis; the CIA, or the FBI, or the KGB) Kura's abolitionists, who worked for the Atlanta group, all these subgroups and more. The symbol on his chest, or armlet of brass, or ring of brass, was the same symbol that many nations would receive in the future. For example, feathers would follow Egyptian culture as the Persians and Romans would adopt eagle feathers; And in the distant future, the Nazis. And in the longer version of humanity not yet born, North America would adapt to follow the eagle's wings, the United States of America, for some strange reason this symbol would not rest for 10,000 years; never to rest, never to long find a vacant lot, open to the conquerors of the world, or so it seems; yes this was also used by this mighty nation to persecute world power this Atlanta group - their government was by the people for the people - then democracy was born but that was not really what the people wanted (because They were brainwashed) was one way), and although this is not considered a great achievement by today's standards, it was still significant; And so it was.

The abolitionists of Cure (among the city's ruling elements), who were the enforcers, would chase the merchants – merchants who were certainly considered against the people – the people of the Atlantean group, so they would say; The only partisan of its kind was the Atlantic group - which ruled the world by two proxies and the Gulf. In this city, the city was actually called Kura, but was still known as "The City of the Great Tower" as it was near the Black Sea, there was no Black Sea during its existence – this times, it will come after the great flood - yes I again, it has not yet departed, but it was created, was created after the great upheaval of the earth. It was now a desert, a plateau kingdom that rested on the edge of the desert, surrounded by terrain that would one day become a vast ocean; That said, after the continents split in two (separating the land masses) the Earth's crust would twist with birth pangs, turning everything upside down during the Great Flood, which could still happen in this era. Is. But I'm ahead of my dreams----- Kura, as this mighty and powerful economic city-state used to get its name: "The Great City Tower", is where I want to live.

As I was about to say, in the middle of the city of Kura, at its centre, its nerve centre, otherwise known as its 'navel', stood a two thousand foot tower two thousand feet high in dusty-blue soot Is. like the atmosphere. Its scope was also deeply rooted, that is, it was planted and pushed deep into the earth's crust to keep it safe for five-thousand years. It was a miracle of power to a world unseen by its visitors and tourists; But the power again came from the Atlantic, like most things of extraordinary achievement, because they sowed, and I'll get to that in a moment.

A peg, like a fence post, it was like this: huge, far entrenched was this mighty tower, all the sites of this landmark were in layers and layers of earth; Taller than the pyramids of Egypt, stronger than the stone walls of Troy and more durable than Stonehenge; And older than the Sphinx. Who can claim a mighty beacon like this [?] Not even Gilgamesh and his mighty Urus. Yet this symbol was not for mankind to hope or wait for, but on the contrary, it was an encouragement to subjugate the Atlantean group.

Within this citadel, which radiated like the rays of the sun from the planted towers, lived 230,000 townspeople, including 25,000 slaves who lived and ate and gossiped and endured the piles of regulations that ruled from the Atlantic region. , indentured slaves who had no wages other than the time spent until they gained their freedom, consequently, joining a democracy, which said they had to live in slave-states, made the population of the city around or around: 255,000 at this time and time. Everyone knew, as if it were a draft, that they would have to serve two years of servitude on their sixteenth birthday. And if not, how an economy could thrive - that was beyond their understanding, that was an unsettled question, and the Atlantic Group was happy to leave it at that, where they had put this argument for years. After its implantation in civilization, it was something that was never brought back. The only way out of it was to buy your way out before you entered. And if you commit any violations during your servitude, your time can be extended. The government can use your time and services, or the government can auction you off to populists for the items you need (note: this is no different than being a 21st century credit card slave, I believe; and the debt trying to pay off has already been paid, Thus he sells his body and soul).

In short, you did what you were told under this theocratic-bondage: by the people, for the people, it said, but that meant free labour for economic purposes, rather than an army that would destroy everyone. Give them and use them. . The wealth returned to the government by free labour, so it was good, a way, for the public and for commanding the army about two thousand miles away. Furthermore, was the master having open or unrestrained intercourse with his slave if he wished, whether with a man or a woman or both?

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An old man, old man

[Dedicated to Papa Augusto]

His words are in chains,

his eyes blurred,

Not a word, he said--

But they pounced on him…

ultimate love

Do they have children and hope?

He now kneels and prays

And bow down to your Lord!

Coming in contact with ghosts

He spins the wind

He sits and he thinks:

"How much can I bear?"

He is an old, old man

--His days are short

He sits and he thinks:

"How long can I stew?"

The Monster Mash, A Graveyard Smash

The Monster Mash, A Graveyard Smash 

(short story I wrote when I was 11)

Monster Mash

Cemetery destroyed

Have you heard of Monster Mash? I think you know the story of how it happened, don't you? Well, I am here to tell you the true story.

It started late at night, when all the demons were out of human sight. Then a tune started playing and I jumped in fear! The monster has appeared! What a wonderful sight!

They were walkin' and a groove! Rockin' and a rollin'! "Mash it!" There was no way to stop this party except to say.

Everyone saw without me! Frankenstein and Dracula say "The Mash?" So I explained, "Yeah, you know? Monster Mash? Graveyard Vandal? Please tell me you know Mash!"

"Um..." All the demons replied "No."

Then I taught all the monsters to mash! We danced for six hours straight!

It was a pleasure that I go to every night! Sometimes I even invite my human friends!

Last night was a big surprise. We find out that the Swampy Monster in the Black Lagoon is also doing Monster Mash! So if you see piranhas jumping around, they are swinging along to the music!

The dance has become so popular that it has now become a song!

Last time I went to dance it was Coffin Bangers! They are the best ever! Of course don't believe me until you see them here!

The Wolfman, Dracula and his son have come! So did many others, including Ghouls and Zombies. You should come next time!

Well if your demon devil ever needs some dancing help come straight to me! Where in him as if he knows the monster mash!

Now the question is….

Will you I wrote this when I was 11 and was wondering what do you think of it? I feel like there are places where I want to change things, but I won't. I was happy when I wrote it, so why change it now?

How you feel about it?



Today he went out with an auto since today was the selection test of NEET. Numerous challengers probably come to Raipur from better places, so the possibilities getting a ride were extremely high. When I reached the station, there was a crowd of contestants. 

After a few travellers arrived at their objective, I was laying on the stand when a 16-17-year-old kid came running - "Bhavya need focus challenge? The reporting time is 1:30 at the centre a little early. I only have 40 minutes left. Hurry up and please let's go. “There was a lot of nervousness in his speech, which was probably for fear of losing a year.

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I hurriedly started my auto and asked him to sit. Father's health was not well. So I had to come alone. It was late as he was taken to the hospital. This is where I live in the colony adjacent to the station. I will give the exam once, then you give me your number, I will send the money. I looked at him and reassured him in my eyes.

We were at the centre for the next 25 minutes. When he started leaving, he thanked me with folded hands. He would thank me again and again and say, 'I will give your money soon after telling my father after the exam. I told him- "I don't want money. 

If possible, pass this exam so that you can fulfil the dream of your parents along with you. Take my number but not to return the money, but to tell me what your result was. I told him best of luck then he took my number and went away.

It had been almost 20 days since this thing, I had forgotten this thing. Like every day, I was about to go out in search of passengers.

You May Like This Gore Rang Ke Chahat

Then the phone rang. When I picked it up, a chirping voice came from there. “Brother, recognize me! You had taken me to the centre despite having no money. Brother, today my dream has been fulfilled because of you. I have passed the exam. Brother, I will come soon to meet you." I said well Today I was feeling very happy that today because of me, someone's dream has come true. 

The dream that I had ever dreamed, I could not fulfil. Due to my father's untimely death and then my mother's neurotic condition, the responsibilities of the whole family fell on me. I had to take care of 3 younger siblings as both mother and father. What job would the twelfth pass boy get, so that's why I had to drive autos. 

I used to drive autos throughout the day and also teach tuition to the children at night. Similarly, 10 years of life passed. But even today the bitterness of unfulfilled dreams remains somewhere in the heart. But today the happiness of this boy brought me a lot of comforts,

Thanking the one above my heart, I went on again to be a little part of fulfilling someone else's dream.


Unfinished Travel

 Unfinished travel


Bappa's family came to Rangamati a few decades ago. At present their home is in the forested area of ​​the city.

Bappa was born and raised in Rangamati. While studying in the school-college of the city, he got together with many friends. Among them are all Bengalis and hill people.

His friendship with Alice Chakma, Jesse Chakma and Sujala Tanchang is quite close. On holidays, Bappa sometimes runs with them from hill to hill, and sometimes to the Subalang spring. As soon as he gets some money, he eats at a hilly hotel in Banarupa Market.

After passing Class XI, Bappa was admitted to the Department of Statistics, Jagannath University, Dhaka. Alice, Jesse and Sujala stay in Rangamati. They are admitted to a local degree college in the city. Although Bappa left for Dhaka, he regularly contacted his friends on his mobile phone.


One afternoon, Bappa was chatting with his classmates in the university canteen. Among them, Anik said, they have not been out of Dhaka for a long time. Let's all go somewhere together and come back.

Afrin said, how is it when you go to Bappa's house? I never went to Rangamati.

I have no objection. If you want to go, plan. I myself do not go home for a long time. This opportunity will also come from home, said Bappa.

Rakib said, we want to leave Dhaka this Thursday. Then I'll be back on Saturday night. Bappa, can I arrange a place for ten or fifteen people?

Bappa said, decide to go first. I'll take care of the food. In other words, those of you who go with your girlfriend will have to pay extra charges.

Afrin said, who is this guy refusing to love you? After two years, I could not make a love. Let's talk about others again.

Rakib said, there is no shortage of your younger sister on campus. All around, only brother-brother cheers. You are the darling brother of the younger sisters on campus. If you are such a brother, you don't need a lover.

Afrin said, "If you can, take it with your darling sisters." There is no objection to that. But if you bother us in any way, I will beat you at your house.

Bappa realized that there was a possibility of disgrace if he got involved with the Afrin-Rakhib pair. So he said without exaggerating, OK brother. I gave up. You communicate with everyone on the phone at night. If you tell me the total number, I will take the next step.

After the chat, everyone went back to their homes. Rakib called Bappa at night and informed that a total of ten people have expressed interest to go. Apart from Afrin, another person named Rima has been added to the team.


On Thursday night, a group of ten people including Bappa boarded a bus and left Dhaka for Rangamati. They reached Rangamati town in the morning. Alice Chakma was waiting for them at the bus stand. As soon as Bappa got off the bus, Alice ran and hugged him and said, I went to Dhaka and forgot about us. Did you want to come after so long?

Bappa said, I didn't get a chance. How is Jesse-Sujla?

Everyone is fine. I'm just blabbering on like this. Your friends are standing with bags. Let's go to the rest house first.

Bappa introduced Alice to his friends. Then they rented two easy bikes and reached the rest house of the district council.

Alice showed everyone the room. Then he entered a room with Bappa.

Bappa entered the room and saw two big tiffin boxes.

Kiri Alice, what's in it?

Duck meat and rice bread.

What did you do? Why go to waste so much money?

Tell me where is your pie? And I don't get much outside in the morning.

Your madness is gone, Elise, said Bappa.

Alice said, no more talking. You have come on a long journey. Get fresh.

Bappa was fresh and called everyone and brought them to his room. Everyone had breakfast with a lot of fun.

Bappa said, you go to the room and I will be ready in ten minutes. I will go to our house with you. Then turn around.

Afrin said, yes sir. Now is your area. You have no chance of being disobedient.

Rima said, Afrin has brought the man to pull the bag. What will happen to me, Bappa. If you ...

I'll give you one. Saying this, Bappa rushed away.

A ridiculous atmosphere was created by the mischief of friends.

After ten minutes everyone got ready and left. After leaving the rest house, I met Jesse Chakma and Sujla Tanchangyan.

Seeing them, Bappa was surprised and said, how did you get the news?

Jesse said, Alice told us before. He also called after you came this morning.

I see you first in everything. Bappa looked at Alice and smiled.

Bappa introduced Jesse and Sujala to his friends and said, "Let's go home and see you soon." Dad has called several times since morning.

Then everyone went to Bappa's house on foot.

Bappa's parents were very happy to see everyone. Bappa is their only child. When he wanted to bring breakfast, Bappa said, "Alice, she didn't have a chance anymore."

Bappa's mother then said that she could not get along with this boy anymore. Do not want to eat anything yourself. But even if you force others to eat.

Alice bowed her head in shame.

Bappa's mother said, now eat tea. And at night everyone will eat at our house. Alice, Jesse and Suzanne will never miss you either.

Everyone said with a smile, that would be Aunty.

Everyone left Bappa's house after drinking tea. Alice took everyone to the tribal museum first. Everyone was fascinated by the various specimens of the museum. From there everyone went to the hanging bridge by easybike.

At noon Bappa said, go to our house. After lunch I will go to see Subalang Jharna.

Anik said, friend will be cheated if the night invitation goes at noon. Less items were seen.

Everyone laughed out loud when they heard this.

Alice said, at noon we will eat at the hill hotel.

Rakib said, this is the best intelligence.

After lunch at a hilly hotel in Banarupa Market, everyone went to see Kafta Lake. From there they set out in a motor boat to see the Subalang waterfall.

After visiting different areas all day, everyone got tired and returned to the rest house in the evening. After resting for a while, everyone went to Bappa's house at night.

Everyone expressed their satisfaction by eating various items including Kaptai Lake fish. They said goodbye to Bappa's parents and left for the rest house. Bappa was wanted by his parents at home. But he also had to come for the sake of his friends.


When they reached the rest house, it was around 9 pm.

Anik said, go to the room later. Let's hang out in front of the rest house for a while.

Everyone agreed.

Sujla said, it's been a long night. I took Jesse with me. May Alice be with you.

When Suzala and Jamie wanted to say goodbye, Afrin said, "I'll go to the store." I forgot to leave the toothbrush. Rima, come with me.

All right, let's go, said Sujala.

You have to cross a small road from the rest house to the main road. This path is very lonely. Sujla, Jesse, Afrin and Rima crossed the border of the rest house and the power went out on that road.

Suddenly the sound of screaming came. Bappa said anxiously, I think there is a problem. Come on everyone.

Then everyone lit their torches and ran.

As they walked down the street, they saw Jesse, Suzala, Afrin, and Rima, four boys, fighting. Everyone in Bappa's group surrounded them from all sides. At that time the electricity came off. Jesse, Sujala, Afrin, Rima are trembling with anger and fear.

Afrin said, in the dark the scoundrels block our way. Wanted to physically assault us.

Everyone, including Bappa, gave a whitewash to the scoundrels. Then he took off his shirt and tied it with his back. Bappa informed the police by phone.

Rima came down and slapped one of the scoundrels on the cheek. I thought I would not protest. I want to strangle him.

Afrin, Rima, Sujla and Jesse spit in the faces of the scoundrels.

Rakib said, you are lucky that we have come to visit. Or I would have beaten it and mixed it with soil. The image of our country is being tarnished for a few barbarians like you.

At that time a police pickup van came and reached the spot. The police are one by one.

Gore Rang Ke Chahat

 Shikha! Have got breakfast for you, do it quickly. Then you have to take medicine also.

Mother, today again saffron milk and this coconut! Today I don't feel like eating this mommy, I feel like eating something spicy, like poha or salty rice.

Please make something good.

Right now you will have to eat this Shikha. I will make something of your mind in the afternoon. If you eat all this, only then the child will be fair. I am not doing all this for myself.

Such an atmosphere prevails in Shikha's house these days. Shikha's 9th month is going on, so her in-laws have come. Well everyone is very good in her in-laws' house.

Everyone is worried about just the color because both Shikha's mother-in-law and father-in-law have a little dark complexion and their two children, Shikha's husband Ravi and her sister too.

Shikha's aunt's mother-in-law is blonde and so are her children. So everyone wants that the child to come should be fair like Shikha.

Shikha knows all this but at such times, she gets very upset after hearing such things again and again. Earlier, when she was alone, her mother-in-law used to tell on the phone, then she used to listen and eat whatever she wanted.

But ever since the mother-in-law has come, she has made it a daily rule to feed such things to Shikha, so that the child to come is fair. Initially, Shikha used to eat it. Now start vomiting after eating. But even then the mother-in-law does not agree, sometimes with love and sometimes by scolding her and feeding her.

Shikha is getting depressed by staying in this kind of environment for 15 days. Anyway, at this time, more and more thoughts and dreams keep coming in reverse. Shikha also wanted to know the views of her husband about this, so he also

said in the talk that you are fair, that is why I have married you. At least the child to come will be fair.

What is it! Labor pain started for Shikha. Everyone has quickly taken her to the hospital. Shikha has been taken to the labor room. After a while, the doctor is coming and congratulates everyone. You have a boy here, feed sweets quickly, you have become a grandfather! And gives the child to the grandmother.

What is it! The child is black. Seeing this, the color of everyone's face lit up. Nobody was happy.

The next day Shikha was taken home from the hospital. On reaching home, Shikha was thrown out of the house along with the child. Go from here pass in. What is the use of getting Ravi married to you when the child is not fair? Ravi and his parents are all standing. Shikha is pleading please don't throw me out of the house!

Wake up crest! What happened what are you grumbling? Who is kicking you out of the house! are you okay?

Shikha tells Ravi everything about her dreams!

Ravi laughs a lot before listening and then tells his parents also. Everyone makes fun of Shikha.

Then his mother-in-law explains to him, 'We want that the child to come should be fair, but it is not that if he is not fair, then we will love you or him less.

Whatever it is, whether it is white or black, then it is our grandson!

We will celebrate as much happiness and will not throw you out of the house at all.

From where will i bring such a fair daughter-in-law again! From now on you can only eat whatever you feel like, but you do not dream such dreams!

Everyone starts laughing again and this time Shikha is along with them.


As soon as she opened the door, Ayesha, who came to know about her mother's condition, asked her father – how is Abbu Ammi?

Ayesha's Ammi Asma had undergone a heart transplant operation just a few days ago, she was suffering from heart problems for a long time, after a very long wait with great difficulty, a Hindu woman, who was a very big Krishna devotee, her heart was given to Asma as she died of brain dead.

Ayesha's Abbu Ikram said, 'Your Ammi's health is very good, but I don't know after the operation, she does some things like delusion, she offers Namaz at the time of Namaz, but instead of Adab, now everyone gets Radhe. Krishna has started speaking and has also brought an idol of Laddu Gopal Ji by insisting.
Talks to that idol in private, says you are my Manmohanna since I have seen you I have lost my mind. On refusing, she says that she has had a relationship with Laddu Gopal Ji since birth.

I think daughter, all this has happened because of the heart of that Hindu woman, but saying what can I do now, Ikram puts his hand on his head with regret and says what our society will say, one Muslim woman is praying to non-religion. Just talk to your mother and explain to your mother, maybe she can understand something. But the doctor has said that there should be no pressure on the heart so explain slowly.

Okay now you don't worry Abbu, I come to meet Ammi, saying that Ayesha moves the curtain of the room and goes to the inner room.
and sees that her mother is changing the dress of Laddu Gopal Ji and humming
Manmohana Manmohana Teri Deewani Hui Main To Babri, Ek Baar
Darshan Dikha De Shaymana, Mere Manmohan.

As soon as Ayesha comes inside, the asme calls her Radhe Krishna, and says, 'Today is my Manmohana's birthday, it has to be decorated well, it has to be prepared, it has to be made sweet, many things have to be done, it is good that you have come, Come on now help me in preparing for Lalla's birthday.'

What's going on, Mommy? Ayesha said. I know very well this is not all about a heart transplant, you have created some game, you can fool Abbu and all the family members but not me. I remember that you like the look of Laddu Gopal very much from the beginning, just introduce me to the reality now, and then I will understand something. And look yes tell the truth, then only I will be able to help you.

Ayesha, you caught my theft, so come on, let me tell you all the truth, said ammi.
I once went to my friend Mamta's house as a child to celebrate Laddu Gopal's birthday on Janmashtami, so when I saw the idol of this Bal Gopal, it sat in my heart.
But Tere Nanu (my father) was a staunch Muslim, never allowed even Kanhaiya's photo to be brought. After getting married, the household became involved in the responsibility of the family, but Manmohana's Mohini Murat remained in my eyes forever, thinking that I would bring Lalla home sometime.

And today when I got away from the responsibility of the house in this last phase of my life and I got a chance, I thought I would be able to stay with Kanhaiya for at least a few days like this.
See , I do not disrespect any religion, but now I have to engage in Manmohana's service. You already know that Raskhan was also a Muslim, but seeing Kanhaiya's idol, he became infatuated with Babare and sacrificed his whole life in true Krishna devotion, that's the only thing with me. This deceit is so cute. Make anyone crazy with your Mohini idol. But I promise, I will never give a chance to anyone to complain. Now just let me be with  Manmohana. The rest is your choice.

Ayesha smiled and said, don't worry, you spent your whole life in the service of all of us, now can't we fulfill even a small wish of yours.
I go out and tell Abbu, this is the effect of a heart transplant. Now stay with your manmohana as much as you want.
Alright Ammi, take care of yourself and celebrate Manmohana's birthday without any hesitation. No one will stop you.
Good khuda Hafiz… Na na na you are Radhe Krishna only. When Ayesha smiled and said, Asma also welcomed her as Radhe Krishna and again started preparing for her Manmohana's birthday.

Money Order

'Sundaru's father's money order did not come, this time I don't know why it was so late? By the way, between the tenth to the fifteenth of the month, his money used to come. His duty is now in Leh. Till last month, he was posted in remote Aizawl Mizoram, even then the money had arrived on time, but this time it was over. 

Today is the twenty-seventh of the month and no letter has come even after Sundaru's father's money went to Leh, Ladakh. I do not understand from where will I arrange money for children's fees and ration water for the house?'

While many kinds of apprehensions were hovering in Ranju's mind, she was very much worried about the fact that in the next couple of days, if the money order does not come, then from where will she arrange money? After all, for how many days while waiting for the money order, she had promised to many people including those who solved the children with their fees, who were repairing the house.

Mohan Lal has already left the solution of the fields of Tolka and Paldunga half-finished. He has the responsibility of plowing the fields of three or four more people in the village. In the next two three days, if he does not get the money, then his interest in our farms will be completely lost. Mistry has also come three or four times since then to collect Rs. Even the children had to pay the school fees by the 15th. Till today, she was trying to convince the children in some way and send them to school, but nowadays if the money order does not come, then where will she go in big trouble. Even today half a day had passed in this untidy bun.

When Sundaru's father came home, he would be ready every moment to get Mohanlal to do whatever work he did. In the last Holi, when Mohan Lal had fallen down from the book of the fields of Juthan, Sundru's father single-handedly carried him on his shoulder and carried him four miles to the hospital.

Although the matter was averted with minor injuries, as there was a heap of dung below, which saved him from further injury due to the fall. A few days later, when Mohan Lal came to our square, he was taking off his cap and placing it at the feet of Sundaru's father. 'If there was no uncle, I would have died that day. Uncle, I will never forget this favor for the rest of my life. My uncle has so much favor on me that now I will plow your fields without taking any money. That day, Ranju laughed a lot after listening to Mohan Lal's words.

When Sundaru's father came home, Mohan Lal kept hovering around him. Whenever he came home, a soldier would bring a box of rum and give it to the householders. From the plowman to the wood splitter, everyone worked with double zeal, and with it, there would be a sudden increase in the movement of the house. Ranju also likes it. People ask for the good news of him and his family, at least in those days. But today Ranju, sitting alone on the pedestal of the square of the house, could not understand how her dilemma would end? She was so deep in thought that she did not realize when it was five o'clock in the evening and it was time for the children to return from school. His concentration was broken only after the children's activities.

Today's entire day was also spent waiting for the money order, while Ranju became very frustrated, as well as all kinds of apprehensions and thoughts of unhappiness, her whole body used to shudder.

After returning from school, all the three children yesterday insisted not to go to school due to non-payment of fees. Mistry has also sent a notice to leave the work of repairing the gharaat midway from tomorrow. In the midst of doubts and apprehensions, he somehow gathered the courage to prepare food for the children and after feeding them put them to sleep, but she herself had lost her hunger and sleep.

The night was getting darker, but in Ranju's ears this evening the words of Kalavati's mother-in-law were reverberating again and again, 'Bwari! From the donkey of the desert to the corner of your house, when the plow has been done in its entirety, only your fields are looking discolored in the middle of the day. Ask Mohan Lal to get plows done in all the fields tomorrow morning itself. What happened to this Mohan Lal this time? Earlier, leaving everyone's work, he used to put your solution first.

Ranju was thinking that such a world has never laughed before. If there is no sowing in our fields, how will I show my face to the people? What would all the people say? The credibility of Sundaru's father will also be found in the soil. No, no I will never let this happen.

In between, Ranju would gather courage and think that tomorrow morning, Madhava would beg her father-in-law to plow, but last month, I have borrowed one thousand rupees for the children's copybook and school uniform. Now if I ask them to solve the problem, what will they think? Waking up in the morning, Ranju was going towards Gaushala that by then Madhava's father-in-law had found himself on the way.

'Bree! Did the constable's letter come or not? Hey, if his money order did not come, will he leave the field barren on the basis of this Mohan Lal? Bringing the bijunda (seed bag) in a while, I will reach the fields of Tolka Paldunga to sow with my oxen. Ranju's eyes were filled with tears from Madhava's father-in-law's words. He felt that there was someone in the village, who was involved in his worries.

This morning she sent Sundaru to the Khiladhar Postmaster to inquire whether money had come. So Sundru came back disappointed and said, 'Mother! Bishnu Dada scolded me and said that 'we ate your money? Hey! Your father has not sent the money order, so from where should I give you the money? We have trees of money here, which I would distribute in the whole village? Go there to Kashmir and ask, did your father get married again?

Heartbroken by Bisnu's rebuke, Sundru returned home in despair, when Ranju hugged her and comforted her for a long time, stroking her head so that Bisnu's bitter words would not affect the child's mind. Though each and every word uttered by the postmaster was piercing his body like a poisonous arrow and he wanted to go to the field and take the news of the postmaster, but the very next moment Ranju herself laughed as soon as she thought of the prestige of the society and the family. She cried bitterly.

Several days passed but the money order of Sundaru's father did not come. She got tired while waiting for the money order. She kept looking at the postman while coming from the house to the barn in the hope of money order, but now the postman changed the way to go from his square. Mohan Lal, the masons, the wood pluckers, even most of the people of the village stopped even looking at Ranju's house. Yes, in this hour of crisis, two people like Madhwa's father-in-law and Kalavati's mother-in-law kept Ranju's spirits up.

Ranju spent one and a half months in great helplessness and helplessness in the midst of financial crisis, but till now neither any letter nor money order has been received, so the apprehensions of various evils kept her mind shaking. Gave. Now her hopes have completely faded. 'Mummy!, when will Papa come?' Ranju had no answer to the innocent but burdensome questions of the children. She remained unanswered, staring at the sky, staring into the void, and floating in the shadows of the past, thinking that I wish! At that time, she took B.T.C. Had done so, he would never have had to see this day today.

Ranju was remembering that about twenty years ago, after passing class XII in first class, she and her friend Prabha got B.T.C from Pauri. An invitation letter for admission was received simultaneously. How many requests did Prabha make to her to join BTC? Father also received BTC in a letter from the army. Was advised to join, but she had not listened to anyone and BTC. categorically refused to do so. Prabha got a job as soon as her training was over and at present, she was on the post of professor in the nearby high school of the same village. She kept thinking that I wish! Today she too would have taken the inspiration of self-reliance by following the advice of her friends and family members, then she too must have been in the position of a teacher in some school and today she and her family would not have to see these bad days.

Taking a lesson from her circumstances, Ranju had vowed to make Sundru as well as his two daughters self-supporting, so that the mistake he made himself would not be repeated with his children.
In the evening, sitting in the square with the children, Ranju was engrossed in the thought that suddenly the footsteps of Sundaru's father's boots were heard. Hearing the sound of the boots, Ranju's stagnant life was suddenly infused with new life. When she found Sundru's father standing in front of her, she fell down in his arms. Sundaru supported the mother and Sundaru's father hugged her. A silent dialogue and its unique feeling, as if the mountains of Ranju's sorrows had collapsed in one fell swoop.

'I couldn't send the money order last month. You must have suffered. Sundaru's father said.

'Who said I had to suffer? Money order didn't come, right. You have come safely from the Kapha of Bhumyal Devta, what is the big deal for me. Ranju spoke in a calm voice, swinging in her husband's arms.

Unaware of the courtship of her parents, Sundru and her sisters opened Papa's bag and tried to find something in it. Just a few moments ago, the house and the square of Ranju, who had been deserted, had started again, in which everyone from Bisnu postmaster to postman, villagers, Mohan Lal, Mistry, wood splitters were included, there was no one, then only Madhava's father-in-law. Ji and Kalavati mother-in-law.


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