Gore Rang Ke Chahat

 Shikha! Have got breakfast for you, do it quickly. Then you have to take medicine also.

Mother, today again saffron milk and this coconut! Today I don't feel like eating this mommy, I feel like eating something spicy, like poha or salty rice.

Please make something good.

Right now you will have to eat this Shikha. I will make something of your mind in the afternoon. If you eat all this, only then the child will be fair. I am not doing all this for myself.

Such an atmosphere prevails in Shikha's house these days. Shikha's 9th month is going on, so her in-laws have come. Well everyone is very good in her in-laws' house.

Everyone is worried about just the color because both Shikha's mother-in-law and father-in-law have a little dark complexion and their two children, Shikha's husband Ravi and her sister too.

Shikha's aunt's mother-in-law is blonde and so are her children. So everyone wants that the child to come should be fair like Shikha.

Shikha knows all this but at such times, she gets very upset after hearing such things again and again. Earlier, when she was alone, her mother-in-law used to tell on the phone, then she used to listen and eat whatever she wanted.

But ever since the mother-in-law has come, she has made it a daily rule to feed such things to Shikha, so that the child to come is fair. Initially, Shikha used to eat it. Now start vomiting after eating. But even then the mother-in-law does not agree, sometimes with love and sometimes by scolding her and feeding her.

Shikha is getting depressed by staying in this kind of environment for 15 days. Anyway, at this time, more and more thoughts and dreams keep coming in reverse. Shikha also wanted to know the views of her husband about this, so he also

said in the talk that you are fair, that is why I have married you. At least the child to come will be fair.

What is it! Labor pain started for Shikha. Everyone has quickly taken her to the hospital. Shikha has been taken to the labor room. After a while, the doctor is coming and congratulates everyone. You have a boy here, feed sweets quickly, you have become a grandfather! And gives the child to the grandmother.

What is it! The child is black. Seeing this, the color of everyone's face lit up. Nobody was happy.

The next day Shikha was taken home from the hospital. On reaching home, Shikha was thrown out of the house along with the child. Go from here pass in. What is the use of getting Ravi married to you when the child is not fair? Ravi and his parents are all standing. Shikha is pleading please don't throw me out of the house!

Wake up crest! What happened what are you grumbling? Who is kicking you out of the house! are you okay?

Shikha tells Ravi everything about her dreams!

Ravi laughs a lot before listening and then tells his parents also. Everyone makes fun of Shikha.

Then his mother-in-law explains to him, 'We want that the child to come should be fair, but it is not that if he is not fair, then we will love you or him less.

Whatever it is, whether it is white or black, then it is our grandson!

We will celebrate as much happiness and will not throw you out of the house at all.

From where will i bring such a fair daughter-in-law again! From now on you can only eat whatever you feel like, but you do not dream such dreams!

Everyone starts laughing again and this time Shikha is along with them.

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