The Great Tower at Kura [short story] and An Old, Old Man [A Poem]

One of two parts

The Great Tower at Kura

The Great Tower at Kura

[4th millennium BCE]

At the beginning of the 4th millennium BC (350 years before the Great Flood, which ended all civilization on earth) Slug (an area of land, territory) gave rise to a kingdom (a). civilization city-state type); - Wherein, the human race was subject to an international court, consisting of a trinity of cultures, empires, societies and nations from all the connecting continents of the world, which had come together at this particular time. They—that is, all the lands of the earth—were composed, a work for the whole world, sustained by a region of the Atlantic, a nearby strait leading to the Mediterranean, known as the Pillars of Hercules; There was then no overland link between the Atlantic and the Mediterranean.

There were also no external moral laws against any behaviour in this age of civilization around the world. Yes, people were different and humility was not a virtue; The laws that wronged one in the heart are like bones to dry in a dead, dead body. What could be considered an immoral act was all relative.

Economies were often – which was the norm – based on slavery for their labour and other desired services. There was no discrimination, slave owners, all were equal in the minds of the masters - bitter-sweet can you say - slaves: brown, white, black, yellow, red skinned, all over the world, the government supported no one, and treated everyone as barbarians, as if to say Human life is a supreme commodity that goes; According to the total and complete inclusion of the earth, all the combined civilizations were part of the circle.

As one was brought up to think these days: Death is the recycling of something that can be found in almost every corner of the world; Consequently, free labour in a city-state was a right granted by that great democracy whose world command centre was in the Atlantic, a mysterious race, a strong and simple people, a subgroup of a higher order that no one dared. competition; tended toward democracy, and within the world that was not subject to the Atlantic Power Area [APR]. The Slugs probably had more slaves than any other civilization on Earth at this time; That is, this time I am writing about the time when this story actually happened according to my vision. Who am I [if you ask], I am Dream, my name is Shark, and I have left these secrets in a mound on an island for another time, so that people can find my writings, if you have found this article, and this The story, as far as you have discovered or anyone has what is called 'sacred geometry', and so be it; For I have discovered the secret hidden in all the countries of the world, and this is it.

- Religious dissidents were killed, executed alive in front of civilians; I said that this country had a democracy - it didn't - but its boarders were open to obscenity and the Atlantic race kept secrets of necromantic-culture, and that's what the people wanted; Burial alive before those who wanted to see, and let it be a proof to those who wanted to despise democracy – in which the inhuman barbarity of the age, or better, the human barbarism, was normal. Indeed, in today's age only man has come forward to possess moral rights and responsibilities, which lie beyond all the tyranny of today's world, just as in those far-off days, evil-hidden-black magic -- that was the rule, the norm.

I want to say again, and one must remember, this was the model, was it normal for people to act this way, or was it? Hundreds of men were cast into great graves [graves] on the ground: perhaps four hundred men were cast, or could be cast, like sick cattle into these grave pits (I saw with my own eyes). The liar was crucified upside down, he was treated as a man who was inside, and had no skeleton, thus, he was quickly deboned like a fish, and killed by hyenas. Outside the cities were left to rot.

When a sentiment, attitude, or opinion emerges and is seen as something against the laws and ideals of the Atlantic ruled territory, then and only then is it expressed by an abolitionist. This group was the Eagle Wings (yes this group was the Hidden Red Guards, the SS of our day were the Nazis; the CIA, or the FBI, or the KGB) Kura's abolitionists, who worked for the Atlanta group, all these subgroups and more. The symbol on his chest, or armlet of brass, or ring of brass, was the same symbol that many nations would receive in the future. For example, feathers would follow Egyptian culture as the Persians and Romans would adopt eagle feathers; And in the distant future, the Nazis. And in the longer version of humanity not yet born, North America would adapt to follow the eagle's wings, the United States of America, for some strange reason this symbol would not rest for 10,000 years; never to rest, never to long find a vacant lot, open to the conquerors of the world, or so it seems; yes this was also used by this mighty nation to persecute world power this Atlanta group - their government was by the people for the people - then democracy was born but that was not really what the people wanted (because They were brainwashed) was one way), and although this is not considered a great achievement by today's standards, it was still significant; And so it was.

The abolitionists of Cure (among the city's ruling elements), who were the enforcers, would chase the merchants – merchants who were certainly considered against the people – the people of the Atlantean group, so they would say; The only partisan of its kind was the Atlantic group - which ruled the world by two proxies and the Gulf. In this city, the city was actually called Kura, but was still known as "The City of the Great Tower" as it was near the Black Sea, there was no Black Sea during its existence – this times, it will come after the great flood - yes I again, it has not yet departed, but it was created, was created after the great upheaval of the earth. It was now a desert, a plateau kingdom that rested on the edge of the desert, surrounded by terrain that would one day become a vast ocean; That said, after the continents split in two (separating the land masses) the Earth's crust would twist with birth pangs, turning everything upside down during the Great Flood, which could still happen in this era. Is. But I'm ahead of my dreams----- Kura, as this mighty and powerful economic city-state used to get its name: "The Great City Tower", is where I want to live.

As I was about to say, in the middle of the city of Kura, at its centre, its nerve centre, otherwise known as its 'navel', stood a two thousand foot tower two thousand feet high in dusty-blue soot Is. like the atmosphere. Its scope was also deeply rooted, that is, it was planted and pushed deep into the earth's crust to keep it safe for five-thousand years. It was a miracle of power to a world unseen by its visitors and tourists; But the power again came from the Atlantic, like most things of extraordinary achievement, because they sowed, and I'll get to that in a moment.

A peg, like a fence post, it was like this: huge, far entrenched was this mighty tower, all the sites of this landmark were in layers and layers of earth; Taller than the pyramids of Egypt, stronger than the stone walls of Troy and more durable than Stonehenge; And older than the Sphinx. Who can claim a mighty beacon like this [?] Not even Gilgamesh and his mighty Urus. Yet this symbol was not for mankind to hope or wait for, but on the contrary, it was an encouragement to subjugate the Atlantean group.

Within this citadel, which radiated like the rays of the sun from the planted towers, lived 230,000 townspeople, including 25,000 slaves who lived and ate and gossiped and endured the piles of regulations that ruled from the Atlantic region. , indentured slaves who had no wages other than the time spent until they gained their freedom, consequently, joining a democracy, which said they had to live in slave-states, made the population of the city around or around: 255,000 at this time and time. Everyone knew, as if it were a draft, that they would have to serve two years of servitude on their sixteenth birthday. And if not, how an economy could thrive - that was beyond their understanding, that was an unsettled question, and the Atlantic Group was happy to leave it at that, where they had put this argument for years. After its implantation in civilization, it was something that was never brought back. The only way out of it was to buy your way out before you entered. And if you commit any violations during your servitude, your time can be extended. The government can use your time and services, or the government can auction you off to populists for the items you need (note: this is no different than being a 21st century credit card slave, I believe; and the debt trying to pay off has already been paid, Thus he sells his body and soul).

In short, you did what you were told under this theocratic-bondage: by the people, for the people, it said, but that meant free labour for economic purposes, rather than an army that would destroy everyone. Give them and use them. . The wealth returned to the government by free labour, so it was good, a way, for the public and for commanding the army about two thousand miles away. Furthermore, was the master having open or unrestrained intercourse with his slave if he wished, whether with a man or a woman or both?

Search for 'part two' and now there is this poem:

An old man, old man

[Dedicated to Papa Augusto]

His words are in chains,

his eyes blurred,

Not a word, he said--

But they pounced on him…

ultimate love

Do they have children and hope?

He now kneels and prays

And bow down to your Lord!

Coming in contact with ghosts

He spins the wind

He sits and he thinks:

"How much can I bear?"

He is an old, old man

--His days are short

He sits and he thinks:

"How long can I stew?"


The Great Tower at Kura [short story] and An Old, Old Man [A Poem] One of two parts The Great Tower at Kura The Great Tower at Kura [4th mi...

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