Unfinished Travel

 Unfinished travel


Bappa's family came to Rangamati a few decades ago. At present their home is in the forested area of ​​the city.

Bappa was born and raised in Rangamati. While studying in the school-college of the city, he got together with many friends. Among them are all Bengalis and hill people.

His friendship with Alice Chakma, Jesse Chakma and Sujala Tanchang is quite close. On holidays, Bappa sometimes runs with them from hill to hill, and sometimes to the Subalang spring. As soon as he gets some money, he eats at a hilly hotel in Banarupa Market.

After passing Class XI, Bappa was admitted to the Department of Statistics, Jagannath University, Dhaka. Alice, Jesse and Sujala stay in Rangamati. They are admitted to a local degree college in the city. Although Bappa left for Dhaka, he regularly contacted his friends on his mobile phone.


One afternoon, Bappa was chatting with his classmates in the university canteen. Among them, Anik said, they have not been out of Dhaka for a long time. Let's all go somewhere together and come back.

Afrin said, how is it when you go to Bappa's house? I never went to Rangamati.

I have no objection. If you want to go, plan. I myself do not go home for a long time. This opportunity will also come from home, said Bappa.

Rakib said, we want to leave Dhaka this Thursday. Then I'll be back on Saturday night. Bappa, can I arrange a place for ten or fifteen people?

Bappa said, decide to go first. I'll take care of the food. In other words, those of you who go with your girlfriend will have to pay extra charges.

Afrin said, who is this guy refusing to love you? After two years, I could not make a love. Let's talk about others again.

Rakib said, there is no shortage of your younger sister on campus. All around, only brother-brother cheers. You are the darling brother of the younger sisters on campus. If you are such a brother, you don't need a lover.

Afrin said, "If you can, take it with your darling sisters." There is no objection to that. But if you bother us in any way, I will beat you at your house.

Bappa realized that there was a possibility of disgrace if he got involved with the Afrin-Rakhib pair. So he said without exaggerating, OK brother. I gave up. You communicate with everyone on the phone at night. If you tell me the total number, I will take the next step.

After the chat, everyone went back to their homes. Rakib called Bappa at night and informed that a total of ten people have expressed interest to go. Apart from Afrin, another person named Rima has been added to the team.


On Thursday night, a group of ten people including Bappa boarded a bus and left Dhaka for Rangamati. They reached Rangamati town in the morning. Alice Chakma was waiting for them at the bus stand. As soon as Bappa got off the bus, Alice ran and hugged him and said, I went to Dhaka and forgot about us. Did you want to come after so long?

Bappa said, I didn't get a chance. How is Jesse-Sujla?

Everyone is fine. I'm just blabbering on like this. Your friends are standing with bags. Let's go to the rest house first.

Bappa introduced Alice to his friends. Then they rented two easy bikes and reached the rest house of the district council.

Alice showed everyone the room. Then he entered a room with Bappa.

Bappa entered the room and saw two big tiffin boxes.

Kiri Alice, what's in it?

Duck meat and rice bread.

What did you do? Why go to waste so much money?

Tell me where is your pie? And I don't get much outside in the morning.

Your madness is gone, Elise, said Bappa.

Alice said, no more talking. You have come on a long journey. Get fresh.

Bappa was fresh and called everyone and brought them to his room. Everyone had breakfast with a lot of fun.

Bappa said, you go to the room and I will be ready in ten minutes. I will go to our house with you. Then turn around.

Afrin said, yes sir. Now is your area. You have no chance of being disobedient.

Rima said, Afrin has brought the man to pull the bag. What will happen to me, Bappa. If you ...

I'll give you one. Saying this, Bappa rushed away.

A ridiculous atmosphere was created by the mischief of friends.

After ten minutes everyone got ready and left. After leaving the rest house, I met Jesse Chakma and Sujla Tanchangyan.

Seeing them, Bappa was surprised and said, how did you get the news?

Jesse said, Alice told us before. He also called after you came this morning.

I see you first in everything. Bappa looked at Alice and smiled.

Bappa introduced Jesse and Sujala to his friends and said, "Let's go home and see you soon." Dad has called several times since morning.

Then everyone went to Bappa's house on foot.

Bappa's parents were very happy to see everyone. Bappa is their only child. When he wanted to bring breakfast, Bappa said, "Alice, she didn't have a chance anymore."

Bappa's mother then said that she could not get along with this boy anymore. Do not want to eat anything yourself. But even if you force others to eat.

Alice bowed her head in shame.

Bappa's mother said, now eat tea. And at night everyone will eat at our house. Alice, Jesse and Suzanne will never miss you either.

Everyone said with a smile, that would be Aunty.

Everyone left Bappa's house after drinking tea. Alice took everyone to the tribal museum first. Everyone was fascinated by the various specimens of the museum. From there everyone went to the hanging bridge by easybike.

At noon Bappa said, go to our house. After lunch I will go to see Subalang Jharna.

Anik said, friend will be cheated if the night invitation goes at noon. Less items were seen.

Everyone laughed out loud when they heard this.

Alice said, at noon we will eat at the hill hotel.

Rakib said, this is the best intelligence.

After lunch at a hilly hotel in Banarupa Market, everyone went to see Kafta Lake. From there they set out in a motor boat to see the Subalang waterfall.

After visiting different areas all day, everyone got tired and returned to the rest house in the evening. After resting for a while, everyone went to Bappa's house at night.

Everyone expressed their satisfaction by eating various items including Kaptai Lake fish. They said goodbye to Bappa's parents and left for the rest house. Bappa was wanted by his parents at home. But he also had to come for the sake of his friends.


When they reached the rest house, it was around 9 pm.

Anik said, go to the room later. Let's hang out in front of the rest house for a while.

Everyone agreed.

Sujla said, it's been a long night. I took Jesse with me. May Alice be with you.

When Suzala and Jamie wanted to say goodbye, Afrin said, "I'll go to the store." I forgot to leave the toothbrush. Rima, come with me.

All right, let's go, said Sujala.

You have to cross a small road from the rest house to the main road. This path is very lonely. Sujla, Jesse, Afrin and Rima crossed the border of the rest house and the power went out on that road.

Suddenly the sound of screaming came. Bappa said anxiously, I think there is a problem. Come on everyone.

Then everyone lit their torches and ran.

As they walked down the street, they saw Jesse, Suzala, Afrin, and Rima, four boys, fighting. Everyone in Bappa's group surrounded them from all sides. At that time the electricity came off. Jesse, Sujala, Afrin, Rima are trembling with anger and fear.

Afrin said, in the dark the scoundrels block our way. Wanted to physically assault us.

Everyone, including Bappa, gave a whitewash to the scoundrels. Then he took off his shirt and tied it with his back. Bappa informed the police by phone.

Rima came down and slapped one of the scoundrels on the cheek. I thought I would not protest. I want to strangle him.

Afrin, Rima, Sujla and Jesse spit in the faces of the scoundrels.

Rakib said, you are lucky that we have come to visit. Or I would have beaten it and mixed it with soil. The image of our country is being tarnished for a few barbarians like you.

At that time a police pickup van came and reached the spot. The police are one by one.

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Unfinished Travel

 Unfinished travel One. Bappa's family came to Rangamati a few decades ago. At present their home is in the forested area of ​​the city....